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Object Description
Title/Object Name
Ob: D(ominus) N(oster) ROMVLVS AVGVSTVS P(ius) F(elix) AVG(ustus) [Our Lord Romulus Devout Blessed Augustus] | Re: Latin cross within wreath. Mint mark: CONOB.
475 - 476 CE
5th century
Portfolio / Series Title
Last of Roman Emperors
Diameter, 0.5118 In, 1.3 Cm
Weight, 0.0031 Pounds, 1.40 Grams
Ob: Romulus Augustus right, double pearl diadem, draped in imperial robe. Re: Latin cross in center without legend surrounded by six paired leaf laurel crown and single berry or pellet at top. Mint mark in exergue: COMOB
Credit Line
Gift of Wilton Jaffee to the University of Colorado Classics Department (2003), Transfer, CU Art Museum, University of Colorado Boulder
Romulus Augustulus, c. AD 460-sometime after 476 anonymously, the last Roman Emperor of the West in AD 475-476 for about ten months, deposed but not killed by Odoacar. Installed by father as emperor at perhaps 16 years old, his rule was largely ineffective. The coin is rare; it was probably minted in Milan .This coin may be a tremisses, which in the late empire was worth actually one third of a solidus. Other late emperors have similar reverses; the coin continues to be minted with this reverse after the end of the empire. The narrative demonstrates a completely Christian perspective. Alan Harway 2011.
Object ID
RIC X, 438, 210-212



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