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Object Description
Birth Date
Death Date
Title/Object Name
Kameyama yukibare [Kameyama: Clear Weather After a Snowfall]
1833 - 1834
19th century
Artist & Title Notes
Changed Japanese title to lowercase per Japanese title conventions -LJJ, 2/24/16

Also known as Ichiryūsai Hiroshige or Utagawa Hiroshige (I). Utagawa is the last name of a group of woodblock print artists in the Edo period that formed the Utagawa School (utagawa-ha). At times, the artist signed his work Ichiyūsai or Ichiryūsai.
Portfolio / Series Title
#47, from the series "Tōkaidō gojyūsan tsugi no uchi" [Fifty-three Stations of the Tōkaidō]
Edition No/State
Publisher: Takenouchi Magohachi (Hōei-dō)
Printer / Publisher / Engraver
published by Hōei-dō
Maker's Marks / Seals
Publisher’s Seal (hanmoto, bottom-right corner): Takenouchi Magohachi (Hōei-dō) Artist’s signature (under Publisher’s Seal): Hiroshige-ga Series Title (upper-left): Fifty-three Stations of the Tōkaidō Print Title (right of Print Title Seal, upper-left) Kameyama (place name) Print Title Seal (left of Print Title, upper-left): Yukibare (“Clear Weather After a Snowfall”) Censor Seal (barely visible on the lower-left edge): kiwame (“approved”)
Height, 9 In, 22.8600 Cm
Width, 13 1/2 In, 34.2900 Cm
Steep hillside with several people and a horse climbing up it-trees in the foreground.
Credit Line
Gift of Helen Baker Jones, in memory of her father, James H. Baker, former President of CU (1892-1914), CU Art Museum, University of Colorado Boulder
A daimyō procession leading horses for the emperor journeys up the steep mountainside of Mt. Kameyama. The castle of the daimyo Ichikawa rises above the heads of the travelers.

This series is also known as also known as the First Tōkaidō or Great Tōkaidō.

The castle of the daimyo Ichikawa was actually leveled by an earthquake in 1854, but Hiroshige portrays it in this print as if it were still standing.

Mark & Seal Notes: The system of formal censorship for woodblock prints, marking prints with a single kiwame seal, was functional from 1790 to 1805.
Series title is written in reisho clerical script on the upper left of the print.
- Leah Justin-Jinich
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