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Object Description
Title/Object Name
Ob: D(ominus) N(oster) VALENTINI-ANVS P(ius) F(elix) AVG(ustus) [Our Lord Valentinian, pious fortunate Augustus] | Re: SECVRITAS REIPVBLICAE [Security of the Republic]
364 - 367 CE
4th Century CE
Diameter, 0.8472 In, 2.152 Cm
Weight, 0.0061 Pounds, 2.786 Grams
Ob: Pearl diademed, draped and cuirassed bust facing right. Re: Victory advancing left, holding wreath and palm, R•PRIMA in exergue.
Credit Line
Transfer from Classics Department to CU Art Museum, University of Colorado Boulder
Collection History: Donated by Fred B. R. Hellems in 1930.

Minted in Rome.

Valentinian I (364-375 AD) was the sole emperor for a month in early 364 AD before making his brother Valens co-emperor in late March, 364. He ruled until his death in 375 AD. He was the last emperor to conduct campaigns across both the Rhine and Danube frontiers and is regarded by some to be the last great emperor of the west. At this point, Rome was the capital of the western empire in name only; however, during Valentinian’s time there was a very large issue of both Gloria Romanorum and Securitas reipublicae coins, such as this one. These two types continued to be minted with regularity in the Western Empire until Valentinian’s death. Valentinian was succeeded by his brother Valens, his oldest son Gratian, and his younger son Valentinian II. Avedan Raggio 2013.
Object ID
RIC IX, 120, no. 17a



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