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Object Description
Title/Object Name
Head of a Votive Female Figurine
325 - 275 BCE
4th - 3rd century BCE
Height, 1 1/2 In, 3.8100 Cm
Width, 1 3/4 In, 4.4450 Cm
Depth, 5/8 In, 1.5875 Cm
Figurine (female?) broken into pieces (two pieces are present, others missing). The larger piece is a torso, carrying a circular object. The smaller piece appears to be a head wearing a veil.
Credit Line
Gift of Hazel E. Barnes and Doris J. Schwalbe, CU Art Museum, University of Colorado Boulder
This is the head of a female votive figurine, which was probably separated from its body at the same time it was removed from the shrine, in which it was dedicated. It was previously thought to be a part of a set with another piece in this collection, (2011.10.11b). A close comparison of the size and breaking points, however, has shown that these two pieces were not originally part of one figurine. In order to ensure that they would not be re-used, votive figurines were frequently broken before being ceremoniously buried once they were removed from the shrine. Votive figures were made using original molds from about 500 B.C.E. onwards. In the case of this figurine, as was common, a mold was only used for the front. Similar examples of the type of headdress worn by this head were found from excavations at Myrina. It features a tiara and veil combination, which creates a crescent shape behind the tiara. There are traces of a white slip around the face, which would have been applied as a background for colored paints. -Andrew Moore & Danielle Washington
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