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Object Description
Title/Object Name
Ob: IMP(erator) CAES(ar) P(ublius) HELV(ius) - PERTIN(ax) AVG(ustus) [Emperor Caesar Publius Helvius Pertinax Augustus] | Re: OPI DIVIN(ae) TR(ibunicia) P(otestate) CO(n)S(ul) II [To the Divine Ops, with Tribunican Power, Consul for the Second Time]
2nd century
193 CE
Portfolio / Series Title
Emperors of the Severan Dynasty
Diameter, 0.6693 In, 1.7 Cm
Weight, 0.0071 Pounds, 3.216 Grams
Ob: Pertinax laureate right. Re: Personified Ops (wealth) seated left holding two ears of corn.
Credit Line
Gift of Wilton Jaffee to the University of Colorado Classics Department (2003), Transfer, CU Art Museum, University of Colorado Boulder
This silver denarius depicts the Emperor Pertinax, who became emperor in 193 CE after the murder of the Emperor Commodus by his own praetorian guards. Pertinax was installed by the same praetorian guards and in turn murdered by them in March of the same year, leading to the emperorship being auctioned off and a brief civil war all taking place in 193 CE. In this period of instability, Pertinax’s coins focused on messages of divine patronage. Here, Ops, a fertility goddess whose name literally means “plenty,” is depicted seated, holding two corn ears. Katherine Brown 2011.
Object ID
RIC IV, Part 1, p. 8, no. 8



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